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ORX the Data Driven 2D Game Engine
16 May 2018

@gamefromscratch has written an excellent overview of how Orx works and how to compile it in Visual Studio. He has also covered Orx's much loved Data Configuration feature. You can watch it on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYd6WuxIxcs

The main article is here: http://www.gamefromscratch.com/post/2018/05/14/ORX-Data-Driven-2D-Game-Engine.aspx

How to write a 2D UFO game for beginners
14 March 2018

How to write a 2D UFO game using the Orx Portable Game Engine is a new 5-part tutorial series designed to help beginners set up an Orx project and create a simple 2D game.

It is being hosted by our friends at gamedev.net.

Part one is: https://www.gamedev.net/articles/programming/general-and-gameplay-programming/how-to-write-a-2d-ufo-game-using-the-orx-portable-game-engine-part-1-r4853

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New tutorials: Working with Joysticks and Gamepads
18 February 2018

Joystick and Gamepad support is an attractive addition to many games. Offering more options to a desktop game rather than just keyboard or mouse could put your game in front of more players.

Two new tutorials that help easily integrate Joystick or Gamepad for either Analog or Digital support are:

  1. Analog Joystick / Gamepad Control Sticks
  2. 8 Way Joystick / Gamepad Control
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Saving Game information to a File
09 January 2018

Games often need to save back to disk. You might need to save player information, map positions, scores etc. Because Orx is data driven, it is naturally easy to save this information to a file on disk for retrieval later.

This is covered in the new Save Game Tutorial.

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Happy Christmas and New Year from us at Orx
25 December 2017

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and a really good new year coming into 2018.

If anyone is looking for something to do over the holiday break, we now have a full list of tutorials to help you get up to speed with orx/Scroll which is a c++ abstraction layer for Orx. This allows you to program your Orx games using full object orientated patterns.

You're always welcome to come say hi over at our gitter chat room.

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